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“During your work with my daughter, you were always a pleasure to work with and 100% reliable. My daughter said she learned more from you about writing than she has in any English class during high school. You made the learning experience fun and positive!

“You possess an aura of confidence that my daughter drew from. You took away the mystery of the application process and gave my daughter the confidence that if she worked methodically and thought strategically, with your help, she would be accepted to most of her top schools—and she was!”

                                                                                                                        - Michele (parent)

“Before I started working with Andrew, I felt that the task of applying to colleges was so overwhelming. But once I began working with Andrew everything started to fall into place. We looked at the whole picture and created a plan of action, which we then followed to completion. The thing I loved about working with Andrew was that he kept me on task and focused throughout the whole process.

“Beyond helping me to write wonderful personal essays, Andrew was a mentor to me.  He helped me look at colleges, compare their pros and cons, and decide which ones to apply to.  He encouraged me to apply for more ‘reach’ schools, because he had faith in me, that I would succeed.  I would recommend Andrew for any job whether is it a tutor, college counselor, mentor, or test prep.  Through working with Andrew I have learned so much about myself.  Next year, I already have planned to ‘Skype’ with Andrew, so he can help me with all of my homework and writing assignments. I honestly could not have asked for a better college counselor and mentor.  He is the nicest, most patient person I know, and I am so fortunate I had the ability to work with him.” 

                                                                                                                        - Briana (student)

“I was so happy that you handled the application process from start to finish, so that I didn’t have to help micromanage at all! But I was also pleased that you asked for and respected my opinion and input before the final draft of the application essays were sent. You took the time to think about what strategy would be best for my daughter, and you set the standards for what level of academic excellence is expected once my daughter gets to college.

“I would recommend you to anyone and everyone! I think you are terrific!” 

                                                                                                                        - Gene (parent)

“Andrew took time to get to know me, and through questioning and discussions about my life, we were able to find, focus, and write about my strengths. Andrew was not only a good listener, but he was also able to pick up on qualities and interesting facts that I would have never concentrated on.

“One of the biggest accomplishments I got out of this whole process is that I learned how to write and edit essays. I learned more about writing from Andrew than I have during all four years of high school. He taught me the subtleties of grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. During this second semester of senior year I have found that I am a better writer because of what Andrew taught me.

“The essays we wrote together were amazing.  I honestly believe the essays are what got me into my top colleges.  I did not have great test scores, but Andrew was able to teach me how to turn that into a positive.  Everything that could be considered a negative on my application, Andrew turned into a positive.”

                                                                                                                        - Sivan (student)

“Andrew is a fantastic tutor and an amazing academic coach! He tutored me for about two years while I was in high school, and he helped me with everything from homework and writing essays, to managing my time between my commitments, to crafting college admissions applications that helped me get into great schools.

“Andrew isn't just an ordinary tutor that helps you on one task or assignment at a time. He's more like a life-coach for high schoolers. He helped build my confidence, and gave me the right outlook that helped me get organized and excel in school and in my extra curricular activities.

“Thanks to Andrew's help, I got into most of the schools I applied to, and ended up choosing to go to UCLA. Now, I'm an honors student in college, and I feel more prepared for the workload and responsibilities I have.

“I highly recommend Andrew to anyone in high school who plans to apply to college and wants to reach their highest potential. He's also a fun person to work with, and we've kept in touch since I've gone to college. He really cares about his students, and it's obvious he loves what he does, which made a big difference from other tutors I've had in the past.

“I also want to add a special note about Andrew's writing abilities and that he is an ESPECIALLY amazing writing tutor. More than any English teacher I ever had in high school, Andrew was able to help me become a better writer. Whenever I'd get stuck on an essay, he could help me get to the heart of what I was really trying to say, and help it come out sounding much better. He helped me think about writing in a new way, and I feel much more confident.”

                                                                                                                        - Dorothy (student)

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