Double Ivy

College Consulting

9th and 10th Grade Program

Before the Start of Each Semester

• Course selection based on strengths, challenges and goals

• Strategic planning of extra-curricular activities

• Setting achievement goals for the coming semester

Ongoing Development Sessions

• Addressing any challenges in current classes or activities

• Tutoring for specific subjects

  1. Developing outstanding writing skills and conceptual thinking

   through customized writing projects, including practice

   college application essays

  1. Creating entrepreneurial leadership opportunities inside and

   outside of school

• Building of mentoring network in student’s areas of interest

  1. Portfolio development (Fine Arts, Journalism, or other

   examples of the student’s work)

  1. Measuring achievements against goals and ensuring consistent


End of Semester

  1. Choosing activities and applying for internships during

   summer vacations

  1. Parents and student receive a Development Report detailing

   the student’s progress, challenges, and plan of action for

   upcoming goals

  1. Updating student’s resume and portfolio with achievements

   from previous semester

11th and 12th Grade Program

In addition to the 9th/10th grade program, we will also complete the following:

College Applications

  1. Compiling a list of prospective colleges based on student’s

   interests and record

  1. Strategy and preparation for SAT, ACT, AP and other

   standardized testing

• Obtaining, forwarding and confirming test scores

  1. Beginning applications early, during the summer before 12th


• Resume writing

• Personal essays— strategy, construction and revisions

• Ensuring the application is completed on time

  1. Recommendations— selecting the right teachers, and

   ensuring their recommendations are exceptional

• Interview preparation and strategy

• College visit preparation

  1. Research and selection of special programs and academic


  1. Building strategic relationships with admissions officers,

   college professors and current students

• Choosing the right school to attend, once admitted

  1. Follow-up conference during Freshman year of college, to

   ensure smooth transition into college academics

“You possess an aura of confidence that my daughter drew from. You took away the mystery of the application process and gave my daughter the confidence that if she worked methodically and thought strategically, with your help, she would be accepted to most of her top schools—and she was!”- Michele, Parent

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