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We offer comprehensive services to help our students reach their full potential in the six major areas that colleges assess:

1. Extra-curricular activities

2. Grades (and difficulty of classes)

3. Testing scores (SAT, ACT, AP, etc.)

4. Personal statement essays

5. Recommendations

6. Interviews

We begin our work together by uncovering and articulating the student’s passions and talents, as well as their challenges. Next, we develop strategies to focus those passions into concrete achievements, both in academics and extra-curricular activities. We then create a customized action plan, and measure the student’s progress over time in achieving these goals.

We work with the student to choose the right classes, as well as impressive extra-curricular activities that support the student’s personal themes. We also provide standardized testing preparation and subject-specific tutoring.

No matter what scholastic level our students starts at, we enable them to create a record that demonstrates the two qualities that are most important to colleges: a genuine love of learning, and an entrepreneurial, pro-active attitude toward academics and extra-curricular activities.

One of our most important jobs is to ensure that communication remains clear and open between the student and parents. We keep everyone informed of all details of the application process, ensuring there are no surprises. We make the process more rewarding and effective by ensuring we meet our goals within clear deadlines.

“The essays we wrote together were amazing.  I honestly believe the essays are what got me into my top colleges.  I did not have great test scores, but Andrew was able to teach me how to turn that into a positive.  Everything that could be considered a negative on my application, Andrew turned into a positive.” - Sivan, Student

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