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At Double Ivy College Consulting, we guide our students through the increasingly competitive and complex world of college applications.

Through expert knowledge and attentive, one-on-one collaboration, we help our students through every phase of the application process. Each step is carried out efficiently, successfully and in a stress-free manner.

Our highest priority is to be impassioned advocates for our students. Throughout the entire process, we listen carefully to the student, and offer unconditional encouragement and support.

Choosing the right colleges is a crucial step; we help our students learn about schools that will match their priorities, challenge them academically, and allow them to grow personally.

In today’s competitive application climate, simply having good grades and test scores is no longer sufficient for students to get into their top-choice schools. We ensure our students create powerful applications that stand out from the crowd, and leave an unforgettable impression on admissions officers. Our students communicate impressive themes running throughout their academic record, activities and personal essays. We give them the skills to package their achievements in the most compelling way possible.

Because each student is unique and learns best in his or her own way, we customize our working process to fit the individual. We focus on the areas that will provide the most benefit, depending on the student’s unique strengths and challenges.

At Double Ivy, we work with students in all four years of high school. It is always best to start our collaboration as early as possible, so there is sufficient time to craft a high school record that shows consistent themes, impressive achievements and continuous progress. These qualities are important factors in getting our students into their top schools.

“Andrew isn't just an ordinary college counselor that helps you on one task or assignment at a time. He's more like a life-coach for high schoolers. He helped build my confidence, and gave me the right outlook that helped me get organized and excel in school and in my extra curricular activities.

“Thanks to Andrew's help, I got into most of the schools I applied to, and ended up choosing to go to UCLA. Now, I'm an honors student in college, and I feel more prepared for the workload and responsibilities I have.” - Dorothy, Student

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