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Complimentary Evaluation Session

Our complimentary evaluation consists of a two-step process:

First, we conduct an in-depth discussion to determine both the student’s and parents’ goals concerning academics, testing, extra-curricular activities and what kind of colleges the student will most likely apply to. We will also discuss the student’s high school record up to this point.

Second, after the conclusion of our initial meeting, I will make a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s record and current writing ability, and identify the most important areas on which improvements need to be made. I will create an action plan, detailing the collaborative work that the student and I will accomplish, including a timeline to ensure we complete all work on schedule. We can then discuss the plan, and determine how often the student and I should meet to make timely progress.

We conduct our work sessions wherever the student feels most comfortable and productive: at the Double Ivy offices, at the student’s home, or at another location such as the student’s school or local library. Though it is most productive to work face-to-face, we can also work when necessary via video-conferencing, phone or email when the student doesn’t have sufficient time to meet in person.

“During your work with my daughter, you were always a pleasure to work with and 100% reliable. My daughter said she learned more from you about writing than she has in any English class during high school. You made the learning experience fun and positive!”- Michele, Parent

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