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As the Founder of Double Ivy, it is my mission to help every one of my students achieve the same outcome I experienced when applying to colleges: to gain admittance to the majority of his or her top schools, and to have the privilege of choosing between premier institutions. In my case, I was accepted to Princeton University, Brown University, University of Chicago, Duke University, NYU, Northwestern University, and wait-listed at Yale. (I chose to attend Brown University, and received a BA degree in Modern Culture and Media Studies in 2001.) One of the main reasons I was able to stand out from the crowd of other applicants is that I know how to craft essays that demonstrate passion and deep conceptual thinking. I am able to describe achievements in terms of a student's consistent personal themes, and to make them as impressive as possible. This is one of the most important skills that I utilize in helping my students get into their top schools.

I also know how to effectively improve my students' test scores. My own background— on the SAT 1 test, I scored a 790 out of 800 on Verbal, and a 700 out of 800 on Math— allows me to identify any weaknesses my students have and focus on improving their skills in that area, thereby raising their overall scores.

In the years since graduating, I have also acted as interviewer for many applicants to Brown University. With this first-hand experience from the perspective of both an admissions adviser and an Ivy League student, I know what it takes to get into top-tier colleges. I understand the qualities and accomplishments these schools look for in applicants, and I know how to help students of all backgrounds achieve them.

While I cannot guarantee admittance to a specific school, I can ensure that my students’ applications will be as strong as possible and present their achievements in an impressive, compelling manner.

My work with students also gives a broader context to the high school experience, and my students have found the process fun and exhilarating. I’ve been told often that my working process reduces students’ stress levels, and makes academic development and the college application process fun and rewarding.

“Before I started working with Andrew, I felt that the task of applying to colleges was so overwhelming. But once I began working with Andrew everything started to fall into place. We looked at the whole picture and created a plan of action, which we then followed to completion. The thing I loved about working with Andrew was that he kept me on task and focused throughout the whole process.” - Briana, Student

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